Baby Shower Planner

A baby shower party is a time to spoil the mother-to-be. It’s a time to celebrate life and family, and in fact, these days it’s very common to have a styled or themed baby shower. It is a great opportunity to have a relaxing party with family and friends before the precious bundle of joy arrives (as we all know how busy life gets once the baby comes home). The styling and theming of a baby shower can be an enormous job, as it involves a lot of planning and co-ordinating. Sometimes the hardest job is to come up with a theme and execute it well. A great theme for the baby shower serves as inspiration for decorations, games, invitations, favours and even the food. So where do you start planning your baby shower? Avsar Events to help you plan and style your perfect event!

Baby Shower


What is the process for planning a baby shower?

Step 1 – We need to have a conversation with you 
about your baby shower ideas. What you like, don’t like and any themes or colors you might have in mind. Don’t worry if you don’t know, once we start talking you through some baby shower ideas, something will usually stand out as what you prefer.

Step 2 – We can put together a baby shower party brief, 
based on what we have discussed. We’ll show you images of our hire items that fit your baby shower theme and we’ll collate the expenses. If you are happy with the cost of the baby shower hire items, we’ll proceed to a meeting.

Step 3 – Client Meeting & venue measuring – 
Once you are happy with the baby shower decorations that we have suggested, we will come and meet with you to discuss the finer details. It’s also a great opportunity for us to see your house or venue and plan exactly where the styling and theming will be placed.

Step 4 – Make your payment. 
Once you have paid a deposit, we can secure any third-party suppliers and start ordering your baby shower decorations and reserve any hire items etc.

Step 5 – Day of the baby shower (or the day prior) –
we will come and setup the baby shower decorations. We take great pride in setting up our baby shower themes, and we will ensure that you are happy with how everything looks before we leave.

Step 6 – Day after the baby shower –
we return to pack down the baby shower decorations and collect any rental items etc.

Step 7 – listen to your feedback –
we have found it to be crucial to ask our clients, what worked well?, what would you do differently? Etc. Every baby shower party and client is different, so it is our way of gathering informed feedback to help us improve our service and continue to give our clients a great party experience.

Avsar Events is your bespoke baby shower planner specializing in baby shower theming and styling, including the all-important baby shower decorations. We are here to ensure you relax and enjoy your baby shower event. We know that planning a baby shower can be a daunting task. You often don’t know where to start the planning or you are simply feeling too tired and overwhelmed.  This is where we can help.