Wedding Planner

Do you have a vision you’d love to see come to life? As one of USA’s top wedding planners and event designers, Avsar Events and  Mayuri Patel is committed to designing and creating breathtaking experiences for our clients. 


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Ready to plan your wedding, or special event? Let’s create an incredible experience!

We’ll start with what you envision for your guests to experience and then work backwards. It’s the perfect place to start because they’re important to you, and impressions matter.

Since they’re the cherished, the most loved, the closest and well respected people you know, we’ll create a memorable experience with you.

Here is what we’ll look after for you:

1. Match the perfect location and venue,
2. Take care of the contracts and boring paperwork,
3. Put together the team to create your event,
4. Manage all the teams leading up to The Day,
5. Coordinate your day so it goes without a hitch!
6. Post clean up and tidying up any loose ends.

The vision for your wedding styling or special event decorations is different to someone else’s so no wedding styling package will do it justice, that’s why we don’t work off a price list or wedding packages.

You’re not choosing a package from us, you’re choosing us to design and personalise – not replicate. Instead we tailor your event to you, not based on someone else’s.

Choose a designer of visual experiences and beautiful events, not a package